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New Zealand; a land of opportunity but not without risk.

No matter what background we have or what country we or our forebears come from, there is no doubt New Zealand offers opportunities to those prepared to work for them. This pioneering spirit in a modern world has become more often referred to as our entrepreneurial spirit…where grit and determination meets execution! We can spend time working for ‘the man', building our know-how and experience or we are already experienced business people from other places, and one day we think, ‘I could do this myself. Take my dream, start a business, (or start again), employ some help. I don't want an empire, I just want to work for myself and get a lifestyle out of it for me and my family.'

This attitude is so common that small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in New Zealand employing five or fewer people now number over 430,000, employing more than 560,000 people representing immeasurable worth to the national economy (GDP). But there's a threat lurking beneath these impressive statistics: research tells us that New Zealanders are underinsured compared with other countries, with only about a third of the investment other OECD nations put into protecting the livelihoods of the people producing this GDP. At GFS there is too often evidence that business owners, many of whom are the key person in the business, frequently lack some or all of the cover they need.

This is in part because many see insurance as expenditure rather than protecting their dream. One role of GFS is to show people than insurance is not a cost, but on the contrary a vital element of financial wellbeing. A second role is to provide products and services that facilitate that wellbeing.

The diagram shows all the parties at risk in ‘The Circle of Life'. The business is underpinned by its key people, who are subject to general life risks - accident or illness that could leave them temporarily or permanently unable to contribute to the business.

That financial impact flows on to the owner/s of the business (often also a key person), who is responsible for the debt, both visible and invisible. Some owners think they don't need business or key person cover because they don't see any outstanding debt - they wholly own the business and the business assets such as vehicles and so on.

However, that's just the visible debt. The cost of exiting is invisible - if you suddenly had to close the business, what would it cost you to pay all current utility bills, rates, holiday pay and other entitlements? What about your lease commitments too? Too often these issues can be overlooked.

Then there are the families; the people supported by the business. What does the owner's lifestyle cost? What about their staff's lifestyles? Who and what is dependent on the business, and what happens if that revenue stream drops or stops? But of course, ‘the circle of life' only completes because the business also is dependent on the very people needed to drive revenue.

The advice GFS offer their clients looks to deal with this value chain. Certainly, it is the responsibility of business owners and key people to seek advice to get the cover they need. But GFS bear equal responsibility, in that they must help to simplify this process and support their clients transfer of any financial liability they are uncomfortable with should a life risk event strike. Getting the insurance you need should not be complicated or expensive relative to the risks you face – Talk to GFS today about how they can help you.

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GFS wins Best Financial Adviser award

Written by Saurabh Gupta on November 24th, 2015.      0 comments

On 23rd November, 2015 at the Sky City Convention Centre, Auckland, Global Financial Services (GFS) won the Best Financial Adviser award for both mortgage and insurance at the Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2015. GFS also won the Best Medium Sized Business award.

Eminent personalities graced the presentation ceremony of Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards 2015. Amongst those presenting the awards included Steven Joyce, Minister for Economic Development, Mayor Len Brown, Andrew Little, Leader of the NZ Labour Party and Anthony Healy CEO and MD of BNZ.

The entries were judged by an independent panel of judges, featuring business leaders such as Nevil Gibson (Editor-in-Chief, The National Business Review), Steve Corbett (Chief Executive, e-Centre Ltd, Massey University) and Mike Skilling (Management Consultant, Director SBS Bank).

After a rigorous selection process and interviews by the judges, Global Financial Services (GFS) won 2 awards:
1. Best Financial Adviser (Mortgage & Insurance)
2. Best Medium Sized Business

Last month, GFS won the No. 1 mortgage broker award from ASB Bank.

And earlier in October this year, GFS achieved the status of being the first Indian Financial Adviser to win the award for Excellence in Customer Service from Westpac Auckland Business Awards (South) 2015, Auckland Chambers of Commerce and ATEED.

According to Mr. Ajay Kumar, Managing Director of GFS, 

“It is our honour to get this recognition from such an expert panel of judges. Providing the best customer service, is the key to our success!

Thank you! … To the nearly 4,000 families who inspired us to be most careful about their homes, mortgage and insurance.

Thanks to the GFS team for working as if these families were their own. The GFS team works hard to get the best interest rates, cash backs but most importantly to customise the financial advice to a customer’s unique circumstances and requirements.

I thank all our customers for giving us the opportunity… and for giving us 100+ reviews on Google and Facebook and another 400+ reviews on Radio.

It provides tremendous motivation to the GFS team for delivering the best financial advice and service.”

GFS keeps investing in new technologies to provide a better experience to its customers. This year also it invested thousands of dollars in improving its CRM, email and telephone systems. It will be shortly investing in even more advanced communication capabilities which mean even better service for customers.

Over the years, GFS has been ranked as one of the top brokers / insurance advisers in New Zealand by ANZ Bank, ASB Bank, Westpac Bank and AIA Insurance. GFS has won the Indian Business Awards in multiple categories in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014 – including Supreme Business of the Year, Excellence in Customer Service, Best Small Business, Marketing Excellence and Young Entrepreneur.

GFS has received praise from dignitaries such as Phil Goff, Jamie Lee Ross, Dr. Jackie Blue and Mr. Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi. There has also been mention of Global Financial Services for appreciating its services in the Notices of Motion in the New Zealand Parliament. 



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