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Who we are:
Global Financial Services Ltd. (GFS) is a leading financial services organisation which specialises in arranging home loans, business loans and commercial loans, creating and implementing mortgage restructuring plan for customers depending on their needs that helps them to pay their loan faster and save money in unnecessary interest payment, and offering expertise on insurance needs and arranging best-fit personal risk insurance policy at the right premium.

Established in 1999, Global Financial Services has been successfully operating in New Zealand for over 13 years and has helped thousands of Kiwis around the country in achieving their financial goals.

Whether you are a first home buyer, property investor, self employed, in a permanent job, looking to purchase a business or commercial property, looking to buy another property, looking to pay your loan quickly and save in unnecessary interest payment, have a declined loan, or having trouble paying your current mortgage, GFS will assess your needs and financial situation and arrange the loan at better terms and conditions.

It is a testimony to our success that till date we have arranged over $1.5 billion of loans and $1.8 billion of personal risk insurance cover. Click here to see the list of our awards and achievements.

Why use us:
When taking advice in your financial matters, trust, understanding, confidentiality, and cooperation are the four most important principles that can help you in achieving your financial goals. GFS’s services and working are based on these principles and the following attributes make GFS unique from other organisations:

  • A registered financial services provider and all our advisers are registered financial advisers
  • Provides impartial advice that suits your current and future needs
  • Works in your financial interests and helps you achieved your financial goals
  • Maintains total confidentiality of your information
  • Can confirm your loan eligibility in 10-15 minutes over the phone
  • Works with no hidden costs or charges, no ambiguity, and total transparency in its working
  • Can arrange huge savings in interest payment, time, and fees on loans (varies depending on customer’s financial situation)
  • Has strong strategic alliance with the leading banks and insurance companies to arrange loans and insurance at better terms and conditions.
  • Assures high level of customer satisfaction
  • Works around your availability and convenience
  • Able to arrange discounts on published bank interest rates and contribution towards legal, application and other fees (based on merits of the case).
  • Uses leading and innovative technology to manage its working effectively and efficiently

If you are interested to find out more about us and our services, Click Here to find out.

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Note: Our disclosure statement is available on request free of charge.
Physical Address: Kudos Business Center, 19/203 Kirkbride Rd, Airport Oaks, Auckland, New Zealand.
Mailing Address: P O Box: 24 087 Royal Oak, Auckland, New Zealand.
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