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    Here’s what you need to know

    With the current housing market changes taking shape as of 27th March 2021 it might pay for buyers to start looking at new builds particularly in our regional spaces.

    New builds you might ask. Well there are some key advantages to focussing on a new build as oppose to purchasing outright an existing property on the market.

    A good mortgage broker in Tauranga can run over your options for financing. With the rhetoric coming from the New Zealand government focussing on new builds there are numerous benefits and incentives for first home buyers.

    With many options propping up in keys suburbs like Papamoa, Welcome bay, the lakes, Bethlehem, Brookfield and even on Pyes Pa there really are some great options for House and Land packages.

    Most instances require a 20% deposit for first home deposit

    It’s most kiwis dream to purchase their first home but if often takes a significant amount of planning, time, consideration and sometimes resilience to get a project over the line.

    Low maintenance – There’s nothing quite like having brand new everything in your home. The faucets are new, the carpet is new, all the furnishings are modern and not dated. Saving on maintenance costs is something to weight in when purchasing. It’s like having a brand-new car, there’s a reason why repair bills are low because there’s no wear and tear. Same goes for your brand-new building. It’s a given that for the foreseeable future bills should be lower.

    Purchase process smoother – no one likes a lengthy, drawn out and emotional purchasing experience that leaves you drained. Purchasing off the plans can mean the process is simple, straightforward, easy to see what you are getting. This frees you up financially knowing that your bases are all covered from the very beginning.

    No land searching needed

    Builder is taken care of; Land is taken care of no further searching required. Often you can get support all the way until move in day and no pun intended but both the land and construction is all under the one roof. This can see significant savings on build costs. Having knowledge of the land requirements can also come in handy as the builder also has a strong awareness of designs that would be best suited for the type of land chosen. Not only do you get a chance to build a brand-new home you get the land as well.

    Custom made easy

    Most property developers have a range of options for you to choose. From prebuilt designs right through to elaborate extras you can get as part of the finished type and style you like. In a catalogue style layout from all shapes and sizes you get a relatively quick impression of what the expected finished product will look like as well as the features you have chosen.
    With the selection of land chosen and the build style and design sorted you want to get all your ducks in a row when it comes to financing. This way you will get a house that is suited to you and your family needs.

    Immediate return and resale value

    With the house all ready to go, often as soon as the build has been completed you can get access to capital gain as the value of the development has now been complete giving instant value. Excited about moving in? what about the selling value. One day you will sell up this property and having the latest in modern fixtures will most definitely contribute to the on selling price at some point.

    All in all, a house and land package in our country’s regions is a great way to go for convenience, value for money and control over the design of your new home.

    Talk to one of the team at Global Finance and they can help with all your housing and land package mortgage requirements as well as make sure you are getting great access to fantastic insurance options for you and your family.

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    **These are general guidelines and are by no means a reflection of bank or lending policies