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    Ajay Kumar had a vision to make a difference

    Global Finance was founded by Mr. Ajay Kumar in 1999 after 23+ years of senior management experience with banks. He started the company with the vision that he will help customers not just get a mortgage but also advise them on how to pay it faster by saving unnecessary interest.

    It also made sense that if Global Finance would help customers build their wealth through the purchase of property and paying off debt then it was important to get the right insurance which would help keep the family home and other assets in unforeseen events – while saving on their insurance premiums as well.

    “When I started this business, I had a vision to support all New Zealanders, who valued financial advice, with my banking and insurance knowledge. I couldn’t understand why there was so little education and knowledge regarding the types of financial instruments like mortgages and insurance that are part of people’s daily life. I wanted Global Finance customers to know more and consequently have better financial choices in their lives.”

    Many Global Finance customers have become mortgage free in as little as 7 to 12 years compared to the standard 30-year term that banks provide to mortgage customers. Global Finance has also helped several its customers at the time of an insurance claim bringing additional financial security to them and their families.

    The vision to make a difference does not extend to just Global Finance customers only. In August 2010, Mr. Kumar presented to then Prime Minister, John Key, on how to reduce NZ debt. His suggestions were incorporated (to an extent) in the New Zealand Budget to reduce the Government deficit.

    Since 1999, Global Finance has gone on to employ and support more than 40 staff and their families providing opportunities for education in New Zealand financial services and personal career growth through business expansion and the establishment of additional Global Finance Branches in multiple locations in Auckland.

    Mortgage Award Auckland

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