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    Calculate your mortgage repayments

    Before looking for your first home, upgrade, or next investment property, it’s a good idea to understand how much your repayments might be – and how much you could save just by paying your mortgage off a bit faster.

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    Add Comparison Calculator

    Here’s how to use our simple mortgage repayment calculator

    Enter your loan amount and how long you think it will take to repay – the longest time most banks will agree to is 30 years. Click calculate – you’ll see how much you’ll pay weekly, fortnightly and monthly, with an estimate of what you’ll pay overall, including interest.

    Compare home loans

    To see how much you could save by paying your home loan off faster, simply click ‘ADD’ to add another loan calculator, then enter in new details. You’ll also be able to calculate how you might be affected by a drop or rise in interest rates – this means you can feel assured that you’ll still be able to meet your mortgage repayments, even if interest rates go up significantly.

    Get the real figures

    This calculator will give you an excellent idea of what you could afford, so you can set some ballpark goals. The next step is to consult with our expert financial advisers who will take your current situation and your goals into account.

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    Please note: All amounts you enter are assumed not to vary and are valid only at the time of entry. Calculations are based on a table-repayments term loan. Actual loan repayment amounts may vary slightly due to rounding or a bank’s lending terms and conditions. Mortgage repayment calculations are based on the interest rate entered being constant for the entire term of the loan.