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    The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards also known as the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for short all started originally in Milwaukee in 1986. These awards have now extended its reach to a wide range of countries totalling more than sixty which now includes of course New Zealand. All in all, the categories it reaches cover a broad range of industries and It gives recognition to people for extraordinary work in entrepreneurship. The key categories include products, services, technology, young (Entrepreneurs 35 and under across all industries), emerging industries, and Master which is for leaders of well-established businesses which have a significant commitment to entrepreneurship.

    The judging panel encompasses a panel of acclaimed entrepreneurs and the winner of the New Zealand entrepreneur of the year goes on to represent NZ at the EY World entrepreneur of the year awards in Monte Carlo.

    With a wealth of lender options available, incredibly low-interest rates and a stable employment market noted by unemployment figures at near-record lows, you could argue that getting a loan is easy…paying it off is the hard part and that can mean a lifestyle-threatening debt for the next 30 years. The entrepreneurial spirit of Ajay Kumar’s Global Finance team has freed thousands from the burden of millions of dollars in interest costs with its innovative Interest Saver Plan. A plan that works with your lifestyle rather than cramping it.

    Global finance’s Interest saver plan is a very efficient money management tool designed to put customers in control of their mortgage repayments saving years as well as hundreds of thousands in interest or more. However, because customers have more control and flexibility over their credit facility, Global finance works to support the success of their customers plans.

    Global finance recommends that customers track their spending according to their own individual budgets and be mindful of the reasons Global Finances has designed the credit facility using their programme. The Interest Saver plan ensures interest payments are minimised, reducing the number of years it takes to pay off their customers mortgage while providing flexible cash flow to allow maximum lifestyle choices along the way. The results are achieved without altering mortgage instalments or fixing the mortgage. This gives Global Finance customers repayment flexibility in a way that suits their individual needs.

    It’s just this sort of spirit that saw Ajay Kumar judged a finalist the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2019, so don’t just take our word for it. If you want to be debt free faster than you thought possible talk to Global Finance today.