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    Financial Relief Options

    We are still waiting for specific lending information in terms of relief packages and how this could work and apply to your own unique situation and circumstances based on bank lending information available. We will give you updates as best we can when that information is made available.

    During this period of uncertainty, there are a range of different strategies and financial support measures that can be implemented, and we endeavour to give you access to the best possible information regarding your loan terms.

    Global Finance is more than happy to run through your specific options available to you in more detail. Talk to your Global Finance adviser for more information.

    Mortgage relief options available to you:

    Interest only mortgage payments:

    This means that for a period of time you are only paying the interest on your loan term and not principle.


    Mortgage repayment holiday

    What this means is that your loan repayments temporarily stop (principal and interest or the interest) and you have the interest added to your mortgage balance, which could significantly increase the overall loan. It effectively allows you to temporarily stop your monthly mortgage repayments.

    Home loan extension

    A loan extension is when your lender agrees to take payments over a time that is longer than what was originally agreed to.

    Need help in reviewing your loan?

    In order to review your financial position and your home loan get in touch with the experts. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach – the structure of your home loan can be tweaked to best suit you. We can work with you to determine the best way forward over this difficult time

    Global Finance is there to help you where possible stay on top every step of the way. We will update you further when the information is made available to us as best we can through our Facebook page, email communication and website to you. We hope you and your family remain safe and healthy during this difficult time.

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