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    Looking for buying a first home in New Zealand? Need best mortgage rates? This blog can give you bit insights for negotiating the best mortgage deals in New Zealand.

    1) Know your Equity
    Equity (Your share in your house) = Assets – Liability
    Banks prefer customers with a strong equity for several reasons.
    Loans <60% over property value tends to receive better rates from some banks, however, banks do not always disclose your equity. As your partner, we can estimate your share in the property and tell you what offers you can potentially receive from the banks. Our unique Interest Saver Plan will enable you to pay off your mortgage faster while keeping it affordable and thus increase your share in your property.

    2) Negotiate
    Pit the banks against each other to see which bank offers the best mortgage deal. Appointing an advocate like us, with skilled negotiators, will ensure you receive the best possible rates and cashback proposition in the market.

    3) Know your structure
    Decide what structure you want at the start of the process. With tight lending criteria and reduced available funding, some banks prefer customers who choose to pay principal & interest on their loans compared to interest only repayments.  Deciding upfront how you will split your loan between fixed and floating and whether you will make principal and interest or interest only repayments may affect your rates and cash back. GFS can help you decide the best combination of fixed and floating rates that match your financial situation.

    4) Split your loans
    Putting all your loans in one bank may affect the rate and cash back you get on your overall loan portfolio. Often, splitting the loan across multiple banks can increase your cash back amount and lower the interest rate you get. We keep abreast of the daily movement in the market and can suggest the combination of banks most suitable to your needs.

    5) Deal with a broker
    On a day-to-day basis, it may be difficult for you to take time off work and approach all banks to negotiate the best deal. A mortgage broker such as Global Finance has the knowledge and access to multiple banks and can do the legwork for you to negotiate the best mortgage deal in the market to suit your individual needs.

    Who we are
    Global Financial Services is a mortgage & personal risk advisory company.  We’ve been helping Kiwi families reach their dreams for 18+ years. We are highly respected, trusted & awarded mortgage brokers in Auckland, NZ.  Whether it is buying their first home, growing their property portfolio or buying a business or commercial property, GFS will advise you on how to pay it off faster by saving unnecessary interest.

    We assist our customers to acquire that important insurance that protects a person or entity from extreme financial loss or liability due to an unfortunate emergency, accident or negative unforeseen event.

    At our core is efficient, personal service and ongoing support because we have our customers ‘best interest’ at heart.

    What we do

    • Mortgages
    • Business Loans
    • Commercial Loans
    • Interest Saver Plans – also known as restructuring plans these are tailored to you and targeted at getting you mortgage-free sooner, based on your capacity to repay your mortgage.
    • Insurances – Life, Trauma or Critical Illness, Total and Permanent Disability, Health, Income Protection, Mortgage Protection and Business Protection Insurance.

    Scope of service

    GFS take time to understand the needs and goals of our customers and tailor fit a solution to each one’s unique requirements.   We have experienced just about every type of scenario imaginable when it comes to lending which gives us the knowledge on how best to present each case to get the best possible financial outcome.  We partner with our customers on their journey in the following way:

    • We look after the transaction to make sure it goes smoothly so you don’t lose sleep over it.
    • We answer all questions and address all concerns for the life of the mortgage (and thereafter!)
    • We work to ensure you know everything there is to know about your mortgage, insurance, credit, and budget.
    • We ensure that a mortgage or insurance cover matches your specific needs and goals.
    • We work closely with respected lending and insurance institutions to ensure there are no issues. If there is, we work to ensure any issues get resolved so you don’t lose any sleep.
    • We help you at the time of an insurance claim and am proud to have a 100% settlement ratio in respect of life insurance.
    • Our services is FREE.  You don’t pay for our mortgage or insurance services because the banks and insurance companies pay us a commission once your loan or insurance is settled or drawn down. (T’s &C’s apply, for more information please ask for our disclosure statement)