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Global Finance help Rodrigues family hit property goals

When Global Finance told Brian Rodrigues he could have his home loan paid off in half the expected time, he was cautiously excited. When his last mortgage repayment came out after only 9 years and 3 months – he was blown away.

Brian says that after a 10-year working relationship, Global Finance is now like family. They carefully look after finance for his entire property, as well as his insurance policies. He talks about how they’ve helped his family become mortgage-free quickly, invest in other properties to grow their portfolio – and grow more financially savvy.

Planning, discipline, debt-free

After hearing a friend talk about Global Finance, Brian decided to book an appointment to see what they could do for him. Mortgages aren’t often simple, but Brian says since his first consultation, that’s exactly how it’s felt. He explains that at the time, Ajay Kumar, Director of Global Finance, checked over his finances and put together a detailed plan to help him cut his 30-year mortgage in half.

Brian says he was very disciplined in following the plan set out for him – it took work, but he says it was all worth it to be debt-free as quickly as possible.

“Every year we reviewed the mortgage to see if there was anything better, we could be doing, and within 9 years and 3 months, we’d paid off our first mortgage! The best part is they’ve helped us not just pay off our mortgage quickly but grow our property portfolio – and become financially savvy,” Brian says.

Smart advice reaps rewards

Now the proud owner of additional investment properties, Brian attributes his success to the guidance and advice he’s received from Global Finance over the years.

“From a financial planning point of view, I’ve become financially savvy and better disciplined – small things like not using an EFTPOS card, instead using a credit card and paying it off in full each month, avoiding any interest and keeping as much money in the bank as I can to go towards my debt.”

All of Brian’s insurance policies are also managed by Global Finance and receive the same level of attention as his mortgages.

“Every year we review what the best policies are in market, just like we do with my mortgage rates, to make sure we’ve still got the right premiums for us. I don’t have to worry about remembering to do any of this myself because I can rely on Anuj Gosrani, our adviser, to call me when it’s time,” Brian says.

Top service always guaranteed

Brian’s happy to sing Global Finance’s praises and says it’s because he always receives great service – starting with the team’s receptionist.

He jokes that Anuj is never allowed to leave him – he doubts he’ll get such exceptional service with anyone else.

“Anuj will always call me to let me know we need to discuss something, immediately followed up by an email. He’s efficient and accurate – it’s the best service I’ve ever had, and I’m really happy with the way they’ve helped me manage my finances.”

Ready to pay off that mortgage?

For the past 20+ years, Global Finance has helped Kiwis get into their first homes, working with them to get their loans approved by lenders best suited to their financial circumstances. The focus is on smarter home loans – structuring mortgages in a way that means you pay as little interest as possible – and the loan gets paid off quickly. It’s a better way of dealing with your mortgage, just like Brian and his family have benefited from.

Is your mortgage as smart as it could be? Speak with a Global Finance mortgage advisor to see if you could get your home loan settled faster – you could save hundreds of thousands in interest repayments.