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Tactical Approach to Outsmart Housing Crisis and Prices!

Auckland property market is in imbalance.  Although this imbalance is not huge, it is still there, but I strongly disagree that there is a crisis.  We see a shortage in the housing market, yes, but it cannot be termed as a crisis.  Houses are available to either rent or to buy.
Whenever demand exceeds supply, prices are bound to go up.  The housing market is no exception but the good thing about it is that due to lower interest rates prevailing, mortgage payments are still affordable to most of the home owners.
The main reason for making home ownership unreachable is the lending criteria set by banks. There was a time when you could buy a house with a 5% deposit, whereas now, generally, it is
10-20%. With proper planning, you can afford to buy your first home sooner than you think.  So, start planning now!
GFS is ready to help you, not only in buying your home, but also to make you mortgage free sooner by reducing your interest cost.
GFS won many industry awards for its innovative Interest Saver Plan.

Did you know how important your income is?

With school holidays around the corner, there is often holiday expenses including presents for those who are about to catch up with loved ones and so on – imagine no income to be able to support yourself and your family let alone buy presents if you were to suffer an illness or injury. Many families are vulnerable with 47% of employed 18-64 year olds being unable to pay all of their current household expenses and maintain their standard of living only 4 weeks after their sick leave, annual leave and savings had been used up! 1.54 million New Zealanders (76% of 18 -64 year olds) have no income protection that could save their financial lives in the event of an illness or injury. If this worries you call us now!
We conducted a survey to identify the areas of importance why consumers would contact a Mortgage & Insurance adviser/company.

Which of the following offerings would attract you to contact a mortgage and insurance adviser? 

We received the following response: 

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude for your patience, help and guidance given to us right from the beginning when we were interested in the property. Had it not been for you and your team, our dream of securing this property would not have been fulfilled.”

“We have been with Global Finance for the past 6 years. They helped us get a home loan when most banks had declined our application. They have kept in contact and went through a review when they thought we needed it. Well done. Awesome service”.