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    Medical Insurance

    Private Medical Insurance or Health Insurance reimburses you for your medical bills that occur for surgical or non-surgical and non-emergency conditions. This allows you to avoid the often long waiting list that typically comes with the public healthcare system.


    Why take Health Insurance?

    Health Insurance provides you the following advantages thus easing the financial stress on your family:

    • Pay your medical bills – Health Insurance allows you to pay for non-surgical and surgical expenses such as specialist examination fees, cost of tests such as MRI or CAT scan, and surgery costs.Medical bills
      can be very expensive.

    • Avoid long waiting lists – While New Zealand’s public health system provides excellent healthcare for emergency medical conditions, for non-emergency medical problems you will most likely be put on a waiting list to see a specialist or have surgery, depending on the condition.Sometimes waiting for treatment can lead to a worsening of the condition which an be avoided.

    • Drug funding – While a large number of medicines are subsidised by the government in New Zealand, many are not. If your medical condition requires a non-subsidised drug the medical bills can quickly add up. With some insurance companies, Health or Medical Insurance allows you to cover both subsidised and non-subsidised medical drugs giving you the peace of mind that you’ve got yourself covered no matter what your treatment will cost.

    How much Health Insurance is sufficient?

    You decide on the type of Medical or Health Insurance suits you best. You can choose from a pre-set schedule of claim benefits. There is no set insurance amount that you can take under Health Insurance. Health Insurance generally covers you for both surgical and non-surgical costs up to $300,000.This amount of cover varies from company to company within New Zealand.