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As the current OCR rates have changed and lowered to the new-found rate of 1.00 % as at 7th August 2019.

What can this mean for you as a customer and your pocket?

As people become more and more digitally savvy there comes a point where financial meets digital. People can freely search what they like online. Whether that’s buying a car, meeting a new person or finding the right rate for a home loan. It is starting to become more accessible online.

As economic activity is being weakened NZ demand by means of goods and services has waned resulting in decreased international trading. The banks have got onboard with these changes with interest rates dropping to record lows.

With these changes made it may put a dent in the economic dampener over the year with business and commercial investing on the rise as a result to pump fuel into the economy.

Here at Global Finance, we have a range of lenders onboard.

We help reach a wide pool of lenders so that you could get your financials approved fast, efficiently and effectively. It means helping you reach your financial milestones every step of the way and means your goals are reached sooner.

Our Team is dedicated to making sure that you are happy with the service, that you are kept up to date and have lifelong ongoing support.

If you are happy, we are happy.

Why choose a mortgage broker or advisor?

As specialists a good broker can advise you on the correct strategy so that you can fulfil your needs and achieve your goals. Your unique situation whether that is jumping on the property ladder, refinancing for renovations or building your first investment property they are all equally as important. An adviser can lead you on the correct journey for your own circumstances. It means dedicated time, ability to make informed decisions and that no question is a silly one. They are more than happy to answer them for you.

A competent broker can get the rates you may have not thought were possible in reaching. They have access to a knowledge base that has been built in our case of over twenty years.

That’s over 7570 days of ongoing support. We have arranged over 9 billion dollars’ worth of mortgage lending and Life/Trauma insurance covers reaching over 6000 customers in New Zealand. We think that is something to be proud of and we hope you do too.

Not only that with optimised Insurances as well Global Finance can then redirect money that would otherwise be saved in premiums to kick-start you on the journey to reducing your mortgage payments with our award-winning early mortgage retirement plan.