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    Breaking it down as simple as can be – 8 handy tips from Global Finance

    With Global Finance we want to make dealing with Mortgages and Insurances in your financial lives smooth sailing so we want to break down these key important messages for you so we can really tick all the boxes for you and make sure we deliver what’s promised. Whether that’s your first home, commercial loan, business loan, personal risk insurances or getting you on the investment property ladder Global Finance has a solution for you. With a team that’s experienced Global Finance’s award-winning service to you remains stronger than ever. Here is the low-down.

    Refinance – your way to a great rate

    If you are looking for a fast turnaround time and a way to arrange your insurances at the same time as you get your mortgage sorted, you are in the right place. Get a great rate that serves in your best interest. We can lock in your requirements and help determine a set up that works for you and your personal circumstances and goals. You never know how much you could save.

    Refix – with better terms

    Instalments aren’t always everything but sometimes you need that extra peace of mind to know that your mortgage is one less thing to worry about. You can manage your loan repayments for the foreseeable future and you’re in good hands. Don’t worry we can make sure you are on the right track.

    Review – Mortgage and Insurances

    Mortgage needs change over time. Your family grows, you move location, your job changes. Life throws a curveball at you; it pays to talk to a reliable mortgage broker who can get you the terms that suit your ever-changing life.

    Regularly reviewing insurance covers are also important because that allows you to be made aware of what covers you have and what are the associated claimable events when it comes to Insurances plus you may be able to save on premiums or get additional cover as your circumstances change.

    Restructure – to save you money

    If you have been dealing with the same mortgage for a while now, it may just be the right time to re assess ways that you can improve your financial circumstances. Speak to the team today to work through alternative options regarding your mortgage they can go through ways to set up your loan that you may not have thought was possible. This way we can get you on the fast road to saving you money.

    Rewind – the years it takes to pay

    With Global Finance you really can turn back the clock. We will go through your financials to make sure you aren’t paying any unnecessary interest saving you a vast amount of time that you would have otherwise had to pay off your mortgage. Think of what you could do with the years taken off your mortgage.

    Referral – friends and family benefit

    We want to make the magic happen for all your friends and family as well so get your friends and family on board and we can get all your mortgage and insurance needs sorted for all the relatives.

    Restart – with a new home

    There’s nothing quite like the feel of a new home. At Global Finance we have been helping kiwis for over 22 years now with their first homes or investment property mortgages. It pays to get solid quality advice on your required loan as well as appropriate security covers to protect yourself when you need it most.

    Mortgage Genius Plan ® – a smarter way to manage your loan

    A carefully built plan that puts you in better shape of your finances. The Mortgage Genius plan was created by Global Finance to put every day New Zealanders in a better space to reach their financial goals faster and with ease. Not only does it increase financial knowledge it helps customers through a number of various ways:

    • • Build Cash reserves
    • • Allow you to pay off your mortgage quicker within your capacity
    • • Enable you to manage challenges successfully in a situation like Covid-19
    • • Minimize financial worry
    • • Enable you to free up cash to purchase additional properties
    • • Buy businesses
    • • Enable you to support your family
    • • Create a family-oriented lifestyle that you want

    Want further help

    If you need help with acquiring a first home loan and getting your personal risk insurances in place, talk to the team at Global Finance today. Experience, in the know and they have up to date market information so that you can get the very best in specialist advice. Global Finance has been helping New Zealanders in your best interest since 1999.
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