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    Mortgage Broker in Manukau Auckland, NZ

    Global Financial Services – Your Mortgage and Insurance Partner

    Since 1999, Global Finance has been helping families arrange loans at the best rate possible. We have won over 40 awards making us one of the most awarded businesses in the financial services industry.

    Our advisers know the industry as a result of years of experience, supplier access, and training. We have relationships with multiple lenders (not just the obvious ones) and insurers which allows us to shop around on your behalf for the best deal to suit your circumstances and plans. We will work with you to have your application presented in the best way to have it approved with a minimum of hassle, and then complete regular reviews with you to make sure your loan and insurance continue to be structured to suit your changing needs. We tailor the structure of your loan to suit your circumstances and designed to help you pay off your loan faster saving thousands in interest. We will also guide you on insuring your financial liabilities giving you the peace of mind to get on with enjoying your life.

    What makes us different

    Global Finance is an independently awarded NZ’s top mortgage and insurance adviser and the first financial service advisory business to be recognised at the Auckland Business Awards for Excellence in Customer Service, you can be sure Global Finance is all about “your best interest”.


    • We will show you how to pay your mortgage off faster without increasing your loan instalments saving you thousands of dollars.
    • We will provide access to the broadest range of lenders to suit your circumstances and to improve the odds of you getting your desired loan amount.
    • We have specialist expertise in Business, Commercial and Construction Lending as well as home loans
    • We will do all the leg work to find the best interest rates and cash-back offers across the market for you and explain why.


    • You will receive advice on the importance of insurance and how to manage the affordability to ensure you can protect your financial position and liabilities.
    • We will ensure you are paying the right level of premium, well-structured and with the most appropriate ownership.
    • We will be there when it counts to assist you in making any claim you are entitled to.

    By using a Global Finance adviser, the advice you receive can put you in a better financial position than before you received it.

    For personalised consultation call us on 09 263 5555 or pop in 28E Lambie Drive, Manukau, Auckland 2104

    These are the services we provide:

    We have put together a step by step guide on how you can successfully get approval of a home loan allowing you to purchase your first home This includes organising paperwork, the loan application, making an offer on the house and then moving in.
    In order to take advantage of more favourable terms and conditions, you may want to transfer your home loan from one bank to another. This is called refinancing and the reasons to do it vary, but it may be you want a lower interest rate, pay off your loan faster, or you are looking for better service.
    If you are purchasing a new business or franchise, or need capital to invest in a current business, a business loan will allow you to develop and grow your business. You may also be able to get whole, or part, of your loan at a lower home loan rate.
    If you want to buy a commercial property such as an office building, warehouse, or a building in use to run a business you will need a Commercial Property Loan.
    If you want to build your new home, a Construction Loan will allow you to do this.
    Before you speak to us, you will need to determine how much it will cost to build, including the cost of the land.
    We can help you pay your mortgage off faster with our Interest Saver Plan. It’s all about setting the correct combination of fixed and floating interest rates and selecting the right term for the fixed portion of the loan and setting the appropriate loan repayment amounts.
    Successful property investing calls for careful planning. You need to find the right property which will secure your financial future. A correctly structured property investment loan may allow you to make a profit from your rental property.
    Debt consolidation is taking a new loan from the bank at a lower interest rate to replace your existing debts such as outstanding credit cards, hire purchases, personal loans and car loans which are at a higher interest rate.
    We have the expertise to ensure you are always adequately protected. Our insurance experts know the features of various insurance products within each insurance company’s offering. This allows us to recommend which insurance products you need and which company will be the best fit for your family and financial circumstances.

    Global is now local (South)

    • Manukau branch to Manurewa – 18 min (7.4 km)
    • Manukau branch to Pukekohe- 31 min )
    • Manukau branch to Papakura- 32 min (14.2 km)
    • Manukau branch to Pukekohe – 26 min (29.6 km)
    • Manukau branch to Drury- 32 min (16.7 km)
    • Manukau branch to Huntly – 1 h 13 min (75.6 km)
    • Manukau branch to Waikato District, Waikato – 1 h 6 min (68.4 km)
    • Manukau branch to Hamilton – 1 h 37 min (107 km)

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