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    Mortgage Genius Plan ®

    A little about our Mortgage Genius Plan ®:

    Smarter way to manage your loan

    Pay your Loan in a Genius way with Mortgage Genius Plan ®.

    We know providing people with the same old loan structure doesn’t work for everyone. Everyone’s circumstances are different, your current situation can change from time to time, so is the need for a solution to paying of your loan that is suitable and works for you.

    Our Mortgage Genius Plan ® invented by Global Finance in the year 1999 is a very efficient and effective money management tool designed to put you in control of your mortgage repayments, saving years as well as hundreds of thousands in interest or more. We can handle all the negotiations for you if you authorize GFS, give you access to the finance you need, then advise on your loan structure so it’s ideal for your own circumstances and as those circumstances may change.

    Benefits of Mortgage Genius Plan ®:

    The Mortgage Genius Plan ® is carefully designed and developed on a unique basis whereby it highlights the need for everyday New Zealanders to have access to a smarter way to manage their loans. This plan has numerous benefits to the user meaning you can stay on top of your finances more easily and increase your financial knowledge at the same time.

    With the Global Finance Mortgage Genius Plan ®, we put you in control of your mortgage repayments. When your personal plan is followed to the letter, you can expect to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on your home loan by reducing interest costs– and become debt-free sooner. We want to make the benefits enduring and make a significant contribution to your financial wellbeing and peace of mind knowing that we have got you sorted.

    • Build Cash reserves
    • Allow you to pay off your mortgage quicker within your capacity
    • Enable you to manage challenges successfully in a situation like Covid-19
    • Minimize financial worry
    • Enable you to free up cash to purchase additional properties
    • Buy businesses
    • Enable you to support your family
    • Create a family-oriented lifestyle that you want

    Since 1999, Global Finance’s philosophy is customers always come first and through this plan we hope to get you set to reach your financial goals faster.
    If you are looking to get ahead and reach your financial goals faster than you thought was possible this is the right plan for you.

    Navigating the financials for your mortgage can be quite daunting. That’s where our expertise comes in handy as your trusted mortgage broker. We have helped over six thousand Kiwi families structure their mortgage to repay it quicker and become debt free sooner.

    If you want valued ongoing support from a team who really takes the time to navigate your financials and get the very best of outcomes get started with the Mortgage Genius Plan ® today.

    Why choose Global Finance?

    Choice of lenders

    We will go to multiple lenders at the same time for you to ensure you have the choice and flexibility to choose the lender that is right for you. As the top mortgage broker for leading banks in New Zealand, we can try to get a better deal.

    Make your home mortgage free sooner

    When you change your bank, we will structure your home loan so you pay less in interest and more towards principal amount borrowed and we will not increase your current loan repayments so you don’t have any additional burden, so you are still able to repay your loan as quickly as possible.

    Select the bank that’s right for you

    We help you assess each bank’s deal in totality based on the interest rate offer, cash contribution, ongoing account fees, and various type of loan accounts to ensure you choose the bank that is the right fit for you and helps you achieve your financial goals.

    Stress-free changeover

    We will liaise with the banks, valuers and solicitors on your behalf to ensure you transition from your old bank to the new bank without any hiccups.