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    Special Mortgage Rates : 6.99% for 1 year | 6.85% for 2 years
    * Interest rates are subject to change.
    * Minimum 20% deposit or equity required.
    * Bank’s discretion & lending criteria apply.

    What is mortgage refinancing?

    Refinancing is the process of restructuring or reorganising, your loan to ensure you have the combination of fixed and floating terms that work best for your individual situation. It may involve transferring your loan from one bank to another bank to take advantage of more favourable terms and conditions that are in your best interest.

    Refinancing is available for anyone with a mortgage and you don’t have to be a current Global Finance customer to take advantage of this service. You can compare refinancing to taking your car in for a service. You do this to ensure your car performs at its best while also providing the opportunity for a mechanic to see if any adjustments are required to keep you confidently on the road for the foreseeable future.

    With refinancing, our team of specialists will review your financial situation and check to see if your mortgage is performing at its best. We look at the rate/s you are paying, the structure of your loan, your income and expenses as well as your near to medium term goals.

    With this information, we can provide a recommendation for refinance that may save you thousands of dollars in interest payments and allow you to pay off your loan faster and still within your working life. If you are currently on a fixed term we can analyse the break costs (i.e. what you need to pay to end your term) to understand if this option is worth pursuing.

    With refinancing, we will always present a deal that works in your interest. Think of it as a “check-up service” for your mortgage!



    Should I refinance my mortgage?

    Reasons for refinancing a home loan are diverse but generally, you may be looking to achieve one of these objectives:

    Secure a lower interest rate

    When you believe your current bank is not giving you the lowest rate on your mortgage and playing hard ball, switching to a new bank can help you negotiate a lower interest rate. As the top mortgage broker with major NZ banks we understand which lender may go the extra mile for you. The interest savings are for you to keep, or simply use towards paying off more of the home loan itself!

    Reduce interest charges through debt consolidation

    If you have other debts such as outstanding credit cards, hire purchases, car loans or business loans, refinancing can provide the opportunity to streamline your debts and group any debts with a high interest rate into one lower home loan rate, reducing the overall interest and total monthly debt repayments you’re paying.

    Access new home loan features

    Depending on your personal circumstances, you may want to access bank products. These could be credit cards with home loan interest rates or offset facilities which combine the balances of your everyday accounts and subtracts these from the total owing on your mortgage to reduce the amount of interest you pay. If these products or features are not available at your current bank, switching to another bank can help you access these features so you can save money on interest repayments.

    Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket

    Rather than having your loan portfolio with just one bank, you may want to spread any risk by switching some of your loans to another bank.

    Current Bank not giving good service

    If you are not happy with the level of service from your current bank or personal banker then switching to a new bank gives you a chance to start over.

    Your current bank has said NO!

    You’ve asked your current bank for additional loan and they said NO! Why not try asking another bank? Each bank’s lending criteria is a little different and switching your existing home loan to another bank may help you secure the additional funding you need.

    Avoid ongoing bank fees

    Often, you will come to a point where your current bank no longer waives the ongoing monthly account maintenance fees and debit card fees. Switching to a new bank can help you avoid these fees as most banks these days waive such fees for an initial period of one to two years.

    Pay off your home loan quicker (restructuring)

    Having the right structure on your home loan may help you pay off the loan sooner than a bank’s standard 30-year loan term. If restructuring your existing home loan with your current bank is costing you, then switching to a new bank may help you will avoid these costs and may allow you to pay the home loan quicker, saving thousands of dollars in interest repayments over the terms of the loan.

    Time to switch from non-bank lender to mainstream bank

    You have been with a private lender for a while and you have grown tired of paying ongoing fees and high interest rates. Switching to a new bank can help you avoid these high interest rates and fees.

    You have an interest-only loan for an investment property

    The interest-only period on your property investment loan is coming to an end and your current bank is not going to renew it, meaning your repayments will increase. We can shop around on your behalf and negotiate a new interest-only loan with a new provider in order to keep your repayments at the current level. In some cases, this interest-only period can be extended up to five years.

    What are the costs involved in refinancing
    my mortgage?

    It is important to weigh out the costs and the benefits of switching banks and ensure that the savings and benefits outweigh the costs. You may incur one or more of costs in the process of switching banks – some of them are listed here.

    • Early Repayment Cost – If you repay your loan before your loan is due for maturity as part of refinancing, your current bank may charge a break fee.
    • Discharge Fee – Banks may charge a discharge or admin fee to complete the paperwork involved in discharge of your home loan and transfer it over.
    • Legal Cost – Switching to the new bank will involve signing new loan documents in front of a solicitor and the solicitor will charge you for their services.
    • Valuation Cost – Many banks give cash and legal fee contributions to ensure the cost of switching is minimum or negligible. Most banks complete an electronic valuation of properties but in some cases banks may ask you to get a physical valuation completed using the services of a registered valuer.

    Why choose Global Finance?

    Choice of lenders

    We will go to multiple lenders at the same time for you to ensure you have the choice and flexibility to choose the lender that is right for you. As the top mortgage broker for leading banks in New Zealand, we can try to get a better deal.

    Make your home mortgage free sooner

    When you change your bank, we will structure your home loan so you pay less in interest and more towards principal amount borrowed and we will not increase your current loan repayments so you don’t have any additional burden, so you are still able to repay your loan as quickly as possible.

    Select the bank that’s right for you

    We help you assess each bank’s deal in totality based on the interest rate offer, cash contribution, ongoing account fees, and various type of loan accounts to ensure you choose the bank that is the right fit for you and helps you achieve your financial goals.

    Stress-free changeover

    We will liaise with the banks, valuers and solicitors on your behalf to ensure you transition from your old bank to the new bank without any hiccups.