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    Search for your ideal house

    Search for your ideal house

    Considering all aspects of your future home

    When searching for your dream home, do not limit your focus to checking out interior and exterior of the house. You’ll need to take many other issues into consideration when making your final decision.

    You should consider the following:

    • Neighbours
    • Transport facilities
    • School zones and nearby schools
    • Nearby amenities such as parks, supermarket, shops, restaurant, medical centers, hospitals
    • Local traffic levels
    • Parking availability
    • Flooding zone
    • All construction in the house is authorised
    • Developments planned for the nearby area (talk to the local council about this)

    It pays to visit the property and surrounding area at different times of the day and observe what’s happening. The last thing you want is one of these factors affecting your quality of life once you’ve moved in.