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    Total & Permanent Disability Insurance

    Total & Permanent Disability Insurance

    Total & Permanent Disability Insurance pays you a lump sum amount if you become totally disabled for any non-specific illness or injury:

    1. You cannot do your own job or (where applicable) another job to which your skills may be suited; or
    2. Suffer loss of limbs or sight; or
    3. Cannot perform at least two of the following activities without the physical assistance of someone else:
      1. Bathing and showering
      2. Dressing and undressing
      3. Eating and drinking
      4. Using a toilet
      5. Moving from place to place by walking, in a wheelchair or with a walking aid.

    In general terms this insurance benefit is designed to pay where it is deemed you are unlikely to ever return to your job or job type again.

    Why take personal Total & Permanent Disability Insurance?

    Total & Permanent Disability Insurance can help you to ease the financial stress on your family by covering the following costs and expenses:

    • Pay off any debt – Disability may affect your earning ability therefore total and permanent insurance can help you pay off the mortgage and debt easing the financial burden on your family.

    • Cover Medical expenses – Total & Permanent Insurance can help you to cover the cost of ongoing medical treatment and possible modifications to your home or work environment.

    • Maintain your lifestyle – Without the ability to earn, you’ll still need to support the family and pay the bills and everyday living expenses. Total and permanent disability can help you cover these costs.

    • Best available care – With an ongoing disability, you may need to employ a full-time caregiver which can be sometimes expensive. Total and permanent disability insurance can give you peace of mind and cover the costs of a caregiver.

    How much Total & Permanent Disability Insurance is sufficient?

    To ensure you have sufficient insurance to cover yourself and your family in the event of a disability, you should ideally take Total & Permanent Disability Insurance equivalent to the loss of income you will have between now and retirement at the age of 65.