Global Financial Services (GFS) was founded on 5th March 1999. It is with the support of our customers, the Indian media and the community that GFS is celebrating 17 years of excellence in customer service.

GFS has won more than 29 awards including top and best financial adviser awards in the last 8 years. GFS has arranged more than $3.5 billion in mortgages and $2.5 billion in insurance cover. Our team strength has also grown to nearly 20 employees and we will be expanding further.

Last one year (March 2015 to 16) has been full of positive reviews from customers, awards from prestigious organizations and commendation from the media and dignitaries.

Key achievements include:

  1. Arranged $825 million in mortgages in the last 12 months (until Feb 2016) – This is probably the highest value of mortgages arranged by a mortgage broker in NZ. Even brokers with multiple branches and much larger teams have not been able to do this.
  2. Ranked as the No. 1 single mortgage broker in NZ continuously for the last 2 years by The NZ Mortgage Magazine.
  3. Only mortgage broker to win the Westpac Auckland Business Award for Excellence in Customer Service Delivery – Auckland South 2015. They are one of the most prestigious business excellence awards in Auckland and are delivered by the Auckland Regional Chambers of Commerce in partnership with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED). This award was sponsored by Barfoot & Thompson.
  4. Ranked NZ’s top mortgage adviser for ANZ Bank for 4 years running:
    • Valued Business Partner of the Year 2015 by ANZ Bank – For consistent performance over 3 years
    • Mortgage Adviser of the Year 2015 by ANZ Bank
    • Strategic Partnership Award 2014 by ANZ Bank – For consistent performance over 3 years
    • Business & Commercial Adviser of Year 2013 by ANZ Bank
    • Mortgage Adviser of the Year 2012 by ANZ Bank
  5. Ranked NZ’s top mortgage broker for ASB Bank for 2 years running – ‘Number One Broker for New Money Advanced Award’ for FY 2014-15 and 2013-14
  6. Best Financial Adviser Award (Mortgage & Insurance) – at BNZ INLIBA awards 2015
  7. Best Medium Sized Business Award – at BNZ INLIBA awards for 2015 and 2014
  8. Ranked NZ’s top Insurance Adviser for AIA Insurance for 8 years running

Other developments include:

  1. Our Customer Survey indicated that 98% of the 1,000+ respondents were happy with GFS
    • They also felt that compared to banks & other brokers, GFS service quality is better
    • The survey was conducted by a specialised team hired from outside of GFS using the latest technology for compiling and benchmarking results
  2. Launched our Facebook Page in June 2015.
    • We have received 90 5-star Reviews by our customers – probably the highest* in NZ in the mortgage broker industry (*based on our in-house research)
  3. For customer convenience, we launched an online chat tool on our website which helps visitors to get quick answers to their mortgage or insurance questions. Again, we are probably the only mortgage broker to have this facility in NZ.
  4. Implemented IP telephony and Call recording system – It helps customers in giving us a Voice Authorisation over the phone itself instead of sending emails to us. This has helped to reduce the cycle time for such customers from nearly 5 days to 5 minutes for requirements such as getting their interest rates fixed or valuations to be ordered.
  5. Listed our website on Google and YouTube – Our YouTube video, ‘Save Interest on Your Mortgage’ has more than 50,000 views on Facebook and 10,000 views on YouTube. It is also the highest ranking video on Google and YouTube when searching for “save interest on mortgage”.

GFS has strived to be amongst the best employers in the Indian community. It is providing both financial and training support to its employees for studying while working. It also encourages them to attend industry conferences and webinars so that they can provide the latest market updates to our customers.

In 2015, GFS also established a management team to guide and take decisions for the company. We have already seen how it has changed the trajectory of the company to providing even better service to customers and improving the quality of operations to the best international standards.

The management team has decided to expand GFS operations and open new branches in Auckland as well. It has also decided to make further investments in technology, staff training, and operations.

Ajay Kumar started GFS with the vision that he will help customers not just get a mortgage but also to advising them on how to pay it faster and save thousands of dollars in interest cost. This was extended to getting the right insurance which would protect the family home in unforeseen events.

Saving interest on loans and premium on insurance has been the motto of the company since then. GFS not only arranges the mortgage it also advises customers on how they can save interest on it and get mortgage free earlier as per their individual capacity.