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    Start the preparations for moving in

    Take over your house keys and move in

    Now that your mortgage is all sorted, the excitement will be building as the day you move into your new home inches closer. You need to start packing your bags and getting ready to move. In between moving out from your current house and moving into the new house you should plan and organise the following:


    • Notify the following to cancel the delivery or about change in address from the date you will move in the new property.
    • Cancel newspaper delivery.
    • Notify Internet, mobile, landline, electricity and water companies about your change of address.
    • Notify banks and credit card companies about your change of address.
    • Inform local post office about redirection of mail.
    • Notify insurance companies (car, life/health, contents) about your change of address.
    • Inform your friends, relatives and GP.

    Additionally you should organise/take these steps before moving in:

  • Arrange from a furniture removal company to move the contents of your house.
  • See your solicitor to sign bank loan documents to ensure smooth transfer of property in your name on settlement date.
  • Advise your children’s school that your children are leaving and enrol children in the new local school.
  • Organise home insurance for the new home prior to moving in
  • Pack your house contents in boxes and label the boxes to assist with unpacking.
  • Organise newspaper delivery, telephone, internet, gas, electricity, and water connectivity for the new home.