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    New Zealanders who get help from a mortgage adviser are more likely to own a home and to pay less for it in the long run, according to a survey carried out by CoreData Research.

    A 2021 survey of 2,000 people found that 65 per cent of people who had sought the advice of a financial adviser owned their own home, whereas only with 60 per cent of people who had acted independently did.

    Thinking for the long-term

    Even more tellingly though, homeowners who were supported by a mortgage adviser reviewed their mortgages more often, and subsequently changed the terms and conditions because they overwhelmingly believed they would save money over the course of their home loan.

    According to the survey, 86 per cent of respondents working alongside a financial adviser had reviewed their mortgage in the past year as compared with 68 per cent of New Zealanders who were not.

    Working together for a better financial future

    This long-term thinking by homeowners and their advisers meant many of those surveyed had saved money by using schemes like offset or revolving mortgages. They had also taken advantage of income increases to pay off their mortgage faster instead of pocketing the extra cash or had continued to pay larger fortnightly payments even when interest rates fell.

    As your needs and goals change, you can rely on our continued support

    Why not take advantage of our knowledge and experience? Our financial services but don’t just stop with the securing of a great loan. We’ll work with you so you can pay off your home loan faster than you’d ever thought possible.

    Many of us tend to set and forget our home loans, but not moving with the changes in interest rates, income, or your general circumstances could cost you thousands over the life of your mortgage. The answer? Seek advice from our mortgage brokers.

    We have a range of lenders and non-bank lenders which means we always know the best deal going on in the market and which lender will be best fit for the customer’s situation.

    Sound advice and continued support means you can make informed decisions and being on the ball and adapting and changing with customers’ ever-changing circumstances is how Global Finance remains an industry leader.

    We will be there to make sure you understand the financial landscape and we can help you put in strategy to navigate it. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and goals and we’ll tailor a solution to fit, making make sure your home loan is structured to benefit your long-term financial situation.

    Talk to us about our free money management tool

    Mortgage Genius Plan is a money management tool that can save you years as well as hundreds of thousands in interest. It is based on your personal financial circumstances and goals and it is free throughout the lifetime of your loan.

    A financial adviser can be a great help

    Our professional advisers balance your needs over the short, medium, and long terms. They have to meet a certain standard of competence and treat you ethically to ensure the most positive outcome for your future, so get in touch.

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